Over Systematic

Rapha 2020-11-03发行
NYH225 comes by way of some electro royalty! Straight from Houston, that smoldering hot city in the navel of the south of the US of A, comes RAPHA, one half of the Chateau Royal label. A true hotbed for modern electro, these guys have single handedly taken over the torch of powerful and heavy duty electro with a string of awesome releases.

On this NYH debut, RAPHA drops 4 kick-ass electro tracks with an uptempo, almost hydraulic feel. Closer to the streets than to nerd messageboards, but surely pleasing both, this has all the classic elements of somebody who actually knows his stuff. Precise and mathematical in its execution, but with so much actual funk. Vocal sample dropped in the right place, 303 coming in strong, and 808's a plenty, there's no way to beat this sound. Superb electro of the highest level!