Michael Mayer

Michael Mayer is one of the key figures of Cologne, Germany's electronic music scene. Mayer is a remixer, DJ, and producer, and has released a small handful of his own singles on the Kompakt music label that he helps run with founder Wolfgang Voigt. Mayer has also released music on Kompakt-related labels like New Trance Atlantic and Kreisel 99.

Mayer was born and raised in Black Forest, Germany. At the age of 20, Mayer moved to Cologne. With the help of Wolfgang and Reinhardt Voigt he established Kompakt.

In 2003, he released a pair of mixes. The first was based on the first several releases in Kompakt's "Speicher" series, while the second was commissioned by London's Fabric series. The following year, Mayer released a second Speicher mix and finally delivered his long-promised debut album of productions.
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