Brass Neck!

How Askew 2019-12-18发行
Brass Neck! Is the debut studio album by UK blues and roots inspired guitar player and songwriter How Askew.

It features 10 original songs, each arranged in a style loosely inspired by a different era or flavour of the blues from the last century.

1: Certain Something - Inspired by the sounds of the Mississippi delta blues giants, a slide guitar song about falling for a long legged girl in the summertime

2: New Ramblin’ Blues - An updated take on the classic guitar/harmonica folk blues duo, on the theme of moving on down the line

3: 9 Miles To Rosedale - Wondering if the girl you left behind has been true, in the spirit of a vintage street corner blues combo

4: Too Little, Too Late, Too Bad - A laid back swinging blues for someone who’s had enough empty promises and wants to make a change

5: Journeyman - A driving groove for a song about life on the road, singing the blues

6: Lost - Overdriven electric guitar gives voice to feeling numb and lost in these strange times

7: All Alone - Angry, angsty breakup song with a soulful blues rock edge

8: Low Down Dirty Crying Shame Blues - Southern rock influences coming through on this personal take on current affairs

9: Baby Oh Did Ya? - A more modern vibe on this song about damaging doubts and suspicions in a relationship

10: What makes it blue? - One perspective on the perennial question: is it blues?