Gerald Renger 朗哥 2011-11-14发行
Time Out - a studio album by Gerald Renger.
Special thanks to
George Kousa (producer) (solo guit, cajon, bass)
Gordana Kikic (back vox)
Steve Reeves (back vox)
Klaus Marquardt (violin)
Calo Rapallo (slide guitar)
Randy Lee Kay (p)
Martin Hauser (dr)
Alexander Wolpert (sax)
Markus Braun (bass)
Mr Blue Ray (blues harp)
Vangelis Maranis (mastering)

Thanks for the kind permission to use their works on this album to:
Christof Wezel - music of '4U&Me'
Music and Words of 'The Teddy Song' by Jessica Paige and Luke Howard www.jessicapaige.com
Lyrics of 'Slow Dance' by David L. Weatherford www.davidlweatherford.com

Gerald Renger 朗哥, November 2011